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Arnold and sheep…Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho

We spent a few lovely days in Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID. We found a great boondocking site down a forest service road. Actually, it is on the same road as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house! We found a site about 4 miles down the road, right by a stream. We had plenty of sun for our solar, but it was quite a busy road.

The other cool thing about this area, is that they graze sheep here. They were right down the road from us and at one point came right up to the RV. The sheepherders actually live out of these Gypsy type of wagons and follow the sheep up and down this little valley. There were 2 sheep dogs who kept a good watch as well. They came up to our door to say hello.

The town is super cute and we enjoyed the adorable Laundromutt where we did our laundry and washed our dog at the same time! They had a great brewery where the brewers were from Stone and Belching Beaver. Two breweries we are very familiar with! The food was also very good. Highly recommend Sawtooth Brewery!

During our time there we were dealing with some issues back home and I developed an infection.

Not a good combo, so we decided to push on from this area to a new one. I have been self treating with homeopathic remedies and I seem to be slowly on the mend. Dealing with issues from home is never easy, but when you are on the road, it seems to make things even worse. You are not there to comfort your family when they really need it. Definitely a hard part of the full-time RV life.

Tomorrow is all about moving to a new location. Looking forward to seeing more of Idaho!

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