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When Your Home Starts Becoming Just a House

It’s the memories that matter. Not the stuff. Painting over the growth chart on the wall was a huge step for me, and I did that myself as a way to help let go of this current season of life. My home is becoming just a house.

Hiking with Holly

Day 1: Agnew Meadows to Thousand Island Lake via the River Trail     

Starting out at Agnew Meadows or going to Thousand Island Lake was no new hike for us, but taking the River trail was something new. Two years ago when we hiked from Mammoth to Yosemite, we took the PCT/ High Trail out of Agnew Meadows over to Thousand Island Lake.  But this time, I was… Continue reading Day 1: Agnew Meadows to Thousand Island Lake via the River Trail     

Hiking with Holly

West Mesa Loop-Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, CA

A must see feature of this hike is taking the side trail to The Airplane Monument. In Memory of Col. F. C. Marshall and 1st Lt. C. L. Webber who fell at this spot on December 7, 1922. Their 12 cylinder engine is permanently mounted in stone.

Faith, Marriage, Off Trail Musings

I Lost My Voice

You see…I lost my voice. And I didn’t just lose my voice, but most importantly, I lost myself too. It happened so gradually and covertly that I didn’t even really notice. And when I finally did notice, I was surprised! God and my family were not.

Hiking with Holly

Trip Planning and Pre-Trip Nerves

Trip prep is underway, but also...pre-trip nerves are underway. I am stressing about everything. I still have soo much to do! Prepping for a hike is always a big job (lots of logistics). But on top of that, I am leaving work for 3 weeks and I have a household to get ready for an… Continue reading Trip Planning and Pre-Trip Nerves

Hiking with Holly

Blue Sky Preserve

The Blue Sky Preserve is an out and back walk/hike that takes you through an oak shaded canyon to an exposed, fair to moderate climb to Lake Ramona. There are a couple of off-shoot trails that you can take to increase your mileage and spend more time out here. Our hike totalled 5.7 miles taking… Continue reading Blue Sky Preserve