Hiking with Holly

Lake of the Woods: Day 2

It’s 7:30 am when I finally decide to emerge from the tent. Gannon barely slept (as usual) and has been up for a couple of hours. He has started my water boiling and I proceed to make some pour-over coffee. We have converted to pour-over in the RV, so when I found some disposable pre-made… Continue reading Lake of the Woods: Day 2

Hiking with Holly

Lake of the Woods: Day 1

Our destination is Lake of the Woods in the Desolation Wilderness area of the Tahoe Lakes Basin.  It is situated off the Tahoe Rim Trail and Pacific Crest Trail just south of Lake Aloha.  Previously hiking by Lake Aloha in 2015, we have high expectations for this small lake nestled right by it.  It is… Continue reading Lake of the Woods: Day 1

Hiking with Holly

Getting Back Out on the Trail Again

I cannot believe that it has been almost 3 years since our last backpacking trip. Life on the road, having an elderly dog (who has since passed), Covid, and the CA/NV wildfires had disrupted something that we really loved doing. I was excited when I found a last minute/walk-up permit in Desolation Wilderness. It was… Continue reading Getting Back Out on the Trail Again

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Life After Jack

It has been a month since we said goodbye to our dear sweet Jack. I have to say, that the first week was extremely difficult. We all lived soo close in this RV together, that it was very strange not to have him with us anymore. The weather in Baton Rouge was dark and stormy,… Continue reading Life After Jack

Hiking with Holly

Yosemite NP-May Lake Trail

Mileage: From May Lake Trailhead = 2.2 miles roundtrip. 514 feet of elevation gain/loss. May lake is an easy, beginner hike on the north eastern section of Yosemite NP.  If entering from the Tioga Pass 120 gate, it is about a 30 min drive to the trailhead from entry into the park. We decided to… Continue reading Yosemite NP-May Lake Trail