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On the Road Again….Idaho Bound

As I sit here writing, we are in a horse pasture of a farm just outside Bellevue, ID.  I hear a rooster crowing and the beautiful sound that aspen leaves make as the wind blows through them.   Our RV is parked next to a little grove of them.  What a lovely little valley this is. … Continue reading On the Road Again….Idaho Bound

Hiking with Holly

Lassen Volcanic National Park: Bumpass Hell Hike (2.6-3 mi round-trip)

Lassen Volcanic National Park is one of the oldest national parks.  It’s also one of the most remote, which has helped to preserve its rugged and unspoiled wilderness. From the parks guide: Lassen National Park has eight hydrothermal (hot water) areas.  The roaring fumaroles, thumping mudpots, boiling pools, and steaming ground in these areas are… Continue reading Lassen Volcanic National Park: Bumpass Hell Hike (2.6-3 mi round-trip)

Hiking with Holly

Yosemite NP-May Lake Trail

Mileage: From May Lake Trailhead = 2.2 miles roundtrip. 514 feet of elevation gain/loss. May lake is an easy, beginner hike on the north eastern section of Yosemite NP.  If entering from the Tioga Pass 120 gate, it is about a 30 min drive to the trailhead from entry into the park. We decided to… Continue reading Yosemite NP-May Lake Trail

Off Trail Adventures

Observations Of A RV Resort

We recently spent 12 days at a RV resort in Southern California.  There are not a lot of places to park a RV in the SoCal area, so options are limited.  We chose a place that had a location not too far from where we needed to go daily, amenities like laundry, and full hook-ups. … Continue reading Observations Of A RV Resort

Off Trail Adventures

1st Week Of Boondocking

We left Southern California on Monday morning at 4am.  We wanted to avoid the 15 traffic through Riverside as much as possible.  Sunday afternoon we did all laundry, showers, and packed up. 3am came fast, but we were motivated to finally be gone from the RV park and onto our new adventure.  We made good… Continue reading 1st Week Of Boondocking