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On the Road Again….Idaho Bound

As I sit here writing, we are in a horse pasture of a farm just outside Bellevue, ID.  I hear a rooster crowing and the beautiful sound that aspen leaves make as the wind blows through them.   Our RV is parked next to a little grove of them.  What a lovely little valley this is. 

We have been back out on the road for 4 days now.  Our hope is to visit 5 states in the next 5 months.  We will see how that goes, as we have already slowed things down a bit and decided to stay an extra night at this farm.  We are just playing things by ear, but know that we have to head south when winter starts to arrive. 

Our first night out was at an Indian Reservation Reservoir in Nevada.  It was an interesting place to stay.  Originally, I thought it was free, but it ended up being $10 a night.  We had the whole area on our side to ourselves.  There was a strong wind storm that rolled in and we ended up not getting much sleep that night. Then the next morning, we had swarms of mosquitoes outside our windows.  They were so thick and big; they could have been birds.  Haha!  We waited for them to dissipate, then headed on out.

We arrived at our next destination in Buhl, ID.  It was at Snyder Winery.  They are apart of Harvest Hosts.  We had a view of the vineyard, horses, and cows.  We had a wine tasting with the owner Claudia, then bought a bottle of Syrah to go.  That’s what’s soo great about Harvest Hosts.  You pay a small annual fee and stay at wineries, breweries, museums, and farms for one night at no cost.  You give them 24hr notice and you can park (dry camping) in various places on their properties.  In return, you buy some wine, take a tour, buy some produce, etc.  It really is a win, win for everyone!

Onto our next destination in Idaho, which is the farm we are currently at.  Kraay’s Market & Garden (another Harvest Host) is a wonderful and welcoming place to stay.  Sherry and Larry are awesome hosts!  Like I said at the top, we are parked in one of their horse pastures.  We had 3 others in this pasture last night with 3 others in various other locations around the property.  You can harvest your own vegetables (I picked garlic, cucumber, carrots, radishes, spinach, and a Jalapeño).  I actually spent this morning cutting some up and doing a quick pickling on them.  Can’t wait to see how they turn out.  Thanks, Lisa Galloway, for the recipe! We also bought some fresh, local pork sausage and bacon from them.  Best sausage we have ever tasted!  Last evening, Sherry and Larry gave all the guests a tour and history of the farm.  Wow!  They provide a lot of fresh produce to most of this valley.  Hard working and generous people.  In fact, so generous, that they let us stay an extra night.

Jack is loving it here!

While we have been here, we took a tour of Shoshone Ice Caves.  I posted about that on Instagram.  Soo fascinating that they have a cave that creates ice in the middle of a high desert area.  Definitely worth the visit!

Tomorrow we are off to the Sun Valley/Ketcham area.  We will be looking for a good boondocking location and hoping to stay there for a few days. 

Happy Trails!

2 thoughts on “On the Road Again….Idaho Bound”

  1. What a lovely combinatiin of meeting new people, having fresh food on the road, having lovely places to stay overnight, and learning a little history. Casey has a dream some day that an RV or van will be in our future. It is lovely to see details of what it could be like. Thanks, Holly 🙂

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