Hiking with Holly

Lake of the Woods: Day 1

Our destination is Lake of the Woods in the Desolation Wilderness area of the Tahoe Lakes Basin.  It is situated off the Tahoe Rim Trail and Pacific Crest Trail just south of Lake Aloha.  Previously hiking by Lake Aloha in 2015, we have high expectations for this small lake nestled right by it.  It is… Continue reading Lake of the Woods: Day 1

Hiking with Holly, Off Trail Musings

The Backstory…

It came to me a while back that I should write a blog on my/our backstory. When reading my blog posts, most people might not get why these hikes are even that big of a deal. The mileage that we do is not really impressive, especially in the hiking community. In the hiking community, the… Continue reading The Backstory…

Hiking with Holly

Desolation Wilderness Day: 3

Dick’s Lake to Eagle Falls Trailhead Miles: 6.5 Silence.  Dead silence was our night (except for the stupid sleeping pads).  It is almost a little creepy how silent it was last night.  Sleeping was hard for me, because the silence was actually overwhelmingly loud.  It’s hard to explain how it can be silent and loud… Continue reading Desolation Wilderness Day: 3

Hiking with Holly

Desolation Wilderness: Day 2

Susie Lake to Dick’s Lake Miles 7.5 Gannon is whispering to me as he crawls out of the tent.  He does not want to miss the sunrise.  He will make the coffee this morning. How I wish I was a morning person like him.   I have no idea what time it is.   I made myself… Continue reading Desolation Wilderness: Day 2

Hiking with Holly

Desolation Wilderness: Day 1

Lower Echo Lake Trailhead to Susie Lake Miles: 10 Warning:  This entry will be longer than the others due to writing about the day before we start the hike. This trip is a bit different from our last.  Most obvious, it’s in a new location!  We are headed up to North Shore Tahoe for our… Continue reading Desolation Wilderness: Day 1