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Life Update: Living Full-time in a RV During a Pandemic

As I sit here cuddled up in my bed, my husband is trying to give our dog (Jack) a bath in our RV shower.  I can see and hear their frustration, so I’m giving very helpful comments from the comfort of the bed.  Ha-ha. Jack hasn’t had a bath in a very long time and… Continue reading Life Update: Living Full-time in a RV During a Pandemic

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I was talking with a friend recently about my current situation and she was curious why I’m not writing about it. Hhmm….I guess I thought no one would be very interested in a hiking blog where I am not writing about hiking. She encouraged me to share what my summer has been like. That conversation was a while ago and I am just now feeling the draw to type out what has been on my heart and mind over these last few months.

Hiking with Holly, Off Trail Musings

The Backstory…

It came to me a while back that I should write a blog on my/our backstory. When reading my blog posts, most people might not get why these hikes are even that big of a deal. The mileage that we do is not really impressive, especially in the hiking community. In the hiking community, the… Continue reading The Backstory…

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Desolation Wilderness: Day 1

Lower Echo Lake Trailhead to Susie Lake Miles: 10 Warning:  This entry will be longer than the others due to writing about the day before we start the hike. This trip is a bit different from our last.  Most obvious, it’s in a new location!  We are headed up to North Shore Tahoe for our… Continue reading Desolation Wilderness: Day 1

Hiking with Holly, Off Trail Musings

We are a team…..we hike together!

Those seven words meant more to me than hearing that I am beautiful or I love you.  Those seven words weren't actually spoken to me, but spoken about us.   Something happened this week that was frustrating to me.  My husband and I were invited to go on a backpacking trip with a few of… Continue reading We are a team…..we hike together!