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Observations Of A RV Resort

We recently spent 12 days at a RV resort in Southern California.  There are not a lot of places to park a RV in the SoCal area, so options are limited.  We chose a place that had a location not too far from where we needed to go daily, amenities like laundry, and full hook-ups.  The amenities were nice to have so that we could work out some kinks we still had with the new RV. 

Now, onto my observations….

Is it called camping when you stay at one of these places?  What constitutes the definition of camping?  Dirt, no hook-ups, no swimming pool or laundry? What is it called if not camping? Resorting?

I was fascinated by this sub-culture within the larger RV culture.  On Friday, people arrived in droves to this resort.  They had every kind of RV you could think of.  They set-up their areas with rugs, chairs, tables, flowers, flags, multi-colored lights, breeze screens, outdoor TV’s, and tiki torches on their cement slab with a patch of grass next to it.  They had friends in the sites next to them.  Kids rode bikes and scooters around the perimeter of the park.  Adults drank adult beverages, BBQ’d, and walked their dogs.  Everyone commented on each RV/set-up that they walked by.  Openly, even if you were sitting right there.  This took place all day and into each night until 10pm. Each Friday afternoon until Sunday at noon. There were also the few that decided to work out, watch TV, and BBQ outside till well past 11pm and just happen to be in the site next to ours. 

Why?  It seems like you are leaving one neighborhood to go right to another neighborhood for the weekend.  You are not next to the beach or under giant pine trees.  You are not out enjoying and experiencing God’s creation.  You seem to be doing the same things that you would at home, but in a different location and sometimes with friends.  I am thoroughly confused.  I could not wrap my brain around this the whole time we were there.  I love watching people and figuring out how other people live their lives.  This is truly a fascinating concept to me.  I am not knocking RV resorts at all.  It was nice to get our laundry done, watch cable TV, have my trash picked up each day at 10am, have ice delivered right to my site by a guy in a golf cart, have unlimited water, and be able to dump at will.  It was quite luxurious for someone who lives in their RV full-time.  But to do this on the weekends, then go back home, I’m utterly stumped. 

Maybe as we get further along in this lifestyle, I will come to understand this unique sub-culture?  Only time will tell.

Happy trails and travels!

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  1. Hi Holly,  I am SO looking forward to “joining you” on your RV travels! You describe the experience in such a way that I almost feel like I’m there with you!  Love, Elaine

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