Off Trail Adventures

1st Week Of Boondocking

We left Southern California on Monday morning at 4am.  We wanted to avoid the 15 traffic through Riverside as much as possible.  Sunday afternoon we did all laundry, showers, and packed up. 3am came fast, but we were motivated to finally be gone from the RV park and onto our new adventure.  We made good time and met up with our friends in Bishop, CA.  We had made the decision not drive with a full tank of fresh water, so we needed to stop and get some in Bishop.  Oh my!  I think someone could just write a blog on funny dump station stories.  It can be crazy!  It was frustrating to see that a guy on the opposite side of us used just the water spigot with no hose to clean his dump hose.  It kept touching the spigot where people use to add water to their tanks.  Sooo gross!  When it was our turn, Gannon wiped our spigot down.  Not sure if it would do any good, but it is better than nothing.  Since then, we have discovered there is great water at the rest stop in between Mammoth Lakes and June Mountain.  We have been going there to get it when needed.

We found a boondocking site with our friends and set-up.  It is great, because it is free to camp (14 days at a time) and pretty much everyone stays a good distance away from each other.  There are no hook-ups, so you are on your own.  Our friends have been doing this for over 2 years, so they are pro’s at it.  We are gleaning a lot of information from them on how to live life this way.  We are enjoying learning from them and also having a lot of fun with them too!

Fresh water seems to be what we go through the most.  We are getting low on fresh water, before our grey or black tanks are getting full.  We have two 5 gallon water jugs that we can fill with fresh water and use for most everything.  If we need hot water, we just heat it up in the microwave or on the stove.  Since we have solar, it is an easier energy source to replenish than propane, so we tend to use the microwave the most. 

I had my first shower this morning (Friday) since Sunday.  We are doing sponge baths each night to stay clean.  We went to the laundry mat today, which is conveniently located by a brewery. So…it was not too tough to do some laundry.  Haha! 

I can’t forget to tell you about Jack.  He is filthy all of the time and seems to be loving life.  He is currently sitting under my chair outside under our awning.  He loves to go on Jeep rides and poop in each new location we find.  He’s quite the pooper we are finding out!

Everyone asks us where we are going next and how long will we be there.  The answer is always…”We don’t know”.  How great is that?  When we feel like we have done and seen all that we want, we will move on to another location.  For now, we love this area soo much and even considered buying a condo here before we chose the RV life.  But this is soo much better. Now we can be here for as long as we want, then drive our house down the road and find another amazing place to explore.

Happy Trails!

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