Hiking with Holly

Rae Lakes Loop: Day 2

Sept 29

Mileage: 8.8

It rained last night!  But now it’s clear and cold.  Soo thankful we have our campfire to warm up to this morning.  We are up and out by 8:45 am.  Lots of climbing today, but the trail is beautiful, so it makes it a lot easier.  We are headed to the Wood’s Creek suspension bridge.  I have been looking forward to this.  I have seen many photos of it in some of the Facebook groups I am in.  To finally see it in person is going to be amazing!


We cross a small bridge and I lose the trail.  We just passed some men and they start to take the same route.  But quickly we all realize it is not correct and have to backtrack to the bridge to find the correct one.  That can sometimes happen when a lot people are using the same area for campsites.  There are several offshoots from the main trail, but they are all soo worn down, you have a hard time figuring out which is the correct one. You are on autopilot and not paying close enough attention.  I kind of feel like an idiot, but I’ll probably never see them again.

The actual trail is to the right after the bridge, right along the river.  I went straight and up to the right on that other trail.  Easy mistake to make.

There are 2 men that are coming towards us on trail.  We stop to chat with them.  They are from Iowa.  They had set out to do the loop, but stopped at Rae Lakes.  One of the men does not want to hike over Glen Pass. So, they turned around and were coming back the way they came.  We tell them how to find our campsite from last night and wish them the best. Oh gosh….if a man is scared to hike over this pass, am I going to be able to do it?  I hate when this stuff happens.  This seriously messes with my head and confidence.  But, if I can push through and do this, then I am way more buff than that man. Therefore, I must carry on and prove that I am at least more buff than that 1 particular man!


We make it to the bridge and I LOVE it!  How amazing that it is out here in the middle of nowhere.  It sways when you walk on it and there are broken pieces hanging down. At any given step you could fall to your death or at least maybe a few broken bones. Haha!  Highlight of the trip so far!


There is a great campsite, but Gannon wants to try and go a bit further today. After half a mile, we decide that there might not be anything for a while, so we head back to snag that site before anyone else does. So…an extra mile for us today. Such overachievers.

The site is right by the bridge, you can hear the rushing water, and has a great fire ring.  As we set up camp, a deer walks right through the site without a care in the world.  How cool is that?  It is clear today, which means a COLD night.  Happy for the campfire.



After watching our show, we always take one last bathroom break.  It’s around 9:00 pm.  OMG!  The stars tonight are incredible!  You can soo clearly see the Milky Way.  It is stunning.  I am super thankful that I have the opportunity to do this.  I never want to take this for granted and I hope it never ends!

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