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Desolation Wilderness Hike
Our general route is in red with a red box around the 2 lakes we camped at.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had the privilege to go on a 3 day trip in the Desolation Wilderness. Tahoe is such a beautiful area and we have loved being there in both summer and winter. We were going to celebrate my nephew’s wedding and thought that if we could squeeze in a quick trip before the wedding, we needed to go for it! It was not really the best time of year (work wise) for either of us to do this, but the call to be out in our “other church” was just too strong to resist.

I decided to post in my “Ladies of the JMT” group on Facebook about what would be a good area to hike in Tahoe.

Now, let me go on a rabbit trail here for a minute to say that this group on Facebook has been the BEST group of ladies! They are the most supportive, encouraging, empowering group of women. Social media is not normally like that, but this group is an oasis in the turbulent social media sea.

Back to the story….I got some great recommendations for a particular area of Desolation Wilderness (lot’s of water sources) and I ran with it from there! Planning and plotting a route is one of my favorite things to do. I got all the topo maps for that area and made a route that we could do in 3 days.

My next 3 blogs will be about those 3 days, with the night before our first day included. It was a stressful beginning to our trip and I feel it should be included, because it is reality. Life is not always happy and wonderful.

I’m excited to share our most recent adventure with all of you.  Guess I better get writing!

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