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Life Update 2/2/2021- Heading East

We made it through Christmas in “lockdown” California and started heading east after the first of January. It was wonderful to be with our kids and granddaughter Rylie, but the love of San Diego and California is quickly fading for us. Neither are what they used to be.

Our RV that we have lovingly named Ophelia is definitely like home now. We are comfortable in it and when away from it, we just refer to it as “home” instead of “the RV”. We have now put 10,000 miles on it and the Jeep is almost double when you consider that we flat tow and drive it.

Some of you are wondering about our dear geriatric dog, Jack. He is still hanging in there. We saw the vet when we were in San Diego and got him some trazadone. On days that we travel, he gets half a tab to help take the edge off. No more pacing and panting. On days that we want to leave him at home, he gets a full tab and takes a nice nap while we go out and about. No more loud whining and howling. He still enjoys short hikes and rides in the jeep. He is almost deaf (or pretends to be) and still loves to poop where it is most embarrassing to us!

East is where we are headed.  North Carolina and my very dear friend Bridgette to be exact.  I am excited to be able to see her and spend time with her.  We can get into a lot of trouble together and I’m kinda feeling sorry for Gannon and Ron (Bridgette’s husband). It’s been a while for us and we have a lot of time to make up!!

We are currently in Texas, but will be making our way to Louisiana tomorrow. When that happens, we will be switching gears a bit and satisfying the history lover in me. I have plotted our course according to prewar, Civil War, and general history of the south. I have been hesitant to even post about this, as I don’t want my intentions to be misconstrued. I love all things history! Prewar, plantations, and the Civil War are all a huge part of the history of the south. I have a Civil War road trip book that I am using as my guide and have planned multiple stops in each state to visit key places (especially battlegrounds). I will not be glorifying the confederacy, just showing these places/people factually for the role they played in the history of our country.

I also have fun things planned like a swamp boat tour (through a Harvest Host in Louisiana) and I had no idea that when I booked us in New Orleans, it was during Mardi Gras! Crazy, right? They are not having the big parade this year, but are having, for the first and probably only time, a drive through float display. It is called Floats in the Oaks. You have to get a ticket to be able to drive through it and I got us one! I am planning a tour of the French Quarter and cemeteries as well. As we head into Mississippi, we will be at a state park that has a natural science museum on its property. I have us booked and through Mississippi until March 4. Then it will be onto Alabama, Georgia, possible S Carolina, then N Carolina. I am planning on branching out from Bridgette’s for day trips, etc. We will then start making our way back to Nevada.

It is a big itinerary with a lot of things to explore and learn about.  This is what full-time RVing looks like.  Times of rest and recuperation (like now) and then times of on the go exploring.  I am excited and nervous.  Hoping I can see and experience as much as possible due to COVID-19 this year.  No matter what, I know that God has us out here for a reason.  We will keep on keeping on.  I hope you will virtually join us!

1 thought on “Life Update 2/2/2021- Heading East”

  1. Thanks for your posts and blogs. It’s so fun to keep up with your travels. Say hi to Bridgett from me and have a wonderful reunion.


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