Hiking with Holly

Zion Traverse: Day 1

10 Miles

Gannon is dropping us off at the Lee Pass trailhead by 9:30am.  We have a short distance to hike today, so we don’t need an early start time.



It is hard to hug Gannon goodbye and leave without him.  I have never been on a trip where he was not with me.  He takes some photos of us at the trailhead and we are off to start our epic adventure!

Gannon took this photo of us hiking down into the canyon.

Majority of our hike is down into Kolob Canyon. It’s only around 5ish miles to our site and we make it here by 12:15pm.  We were permitted for campsite 5, which is really just a place with flat ground to pitch your tent. There is a nice rushing stream close by,  but it is really silty water.  This is going to do a number on my filter for sure.

Hiking down into the canyon.  Nice clear water here.

Filtering the very silty water.

We are done setting up camp and decide to take a hike to see the Kolob Arch.  When looking into it, people said it was a must see and we figured it was an easy out and back mile or two at most.  Not soo much.  Cordlan is helping me up and over boulders and trees galore.  He likes it, I do not.  At one point, I am wanting to turn back.  He wants to keep going.  I think it’s never a good idea to split, so I make myself continue on.  We finally reach the end of the trail and see nothing.  We find a small sign that says Kolob Arch, but do not see an arch in sight.  Someone etched into the sign, “Look up”.  We look up and from a distance you see the arch.  Seriously?  You cannot get any closer than this? All this work for this?  We had a few choice words for this arch, take our photos, and start our long trek back to camp.  As we arrive back in camp, I check our GPS and it was almost 4 miles round trip to see that thing.  Ugh.

Kolob Arch


We are having some light sprinkles in the evening while cooking dinner and doing nightly chores.  No one else is at our campsite or any other sites in our general area, but we did see some further down the trail when we hiked to the arch.  So…we are pretty alone out here tonight.

Campsite #5
Our campsite is inside the trees to the right. What a backdrop!

We decide to call it a night and watch our show we downloaded.  As we do, the rain really starts to come down.  Praying that the rain dies down and we have a nice day tomorrow.  We are mentally preparing for what lies ahead.  We have heard that it is mainly flat, but we know we have a lot of miles to do. We are not used to doing that many miles in a day, so we definitely need some good sleep tonight.

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