Hiking with Holly

Rae Lakes Loop

After our summer trip was cut short, I needed to find another trip to do. Something to redeem myself, for the sake of myself.  I am a goal setter and achiever.  If I don’t accomplish the goal that I set for myself, I have a very hard time moving on until I do.  It’s a curse and a gift.

I set about finding another trip that we could do within a week’s time and not too far of a drive.  I want it to be back in the Sierra, but an area that we have not yet experienced. There is an area that everyone talks about that is in the Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP.  It is called the Rae Lakes Loop.  It is 42 miles long and goes over 1 pass at 11, 978’.  Fall is a tricky season to hike in, because weather can be very unpredictable.  The possibility of a snow storm is not out of the question.  However, the payoff is the beautiful fall foliage and less people.  It also means that we do not have any issues getting a permit.  Permit quotas end a few days prior to our departure date.  This means that we just walk up, fill out a permit, drop it in the box, and go!


I already have food that we did not eat from our last trip ready to go.  I call my doctor to get a prescription of Diamox to prevent altitude sickness. I am not going to just survive on Swedish Fish this time.  Not that I won’t eat a ton of them, but at least they will not be my only sustenance.

To get to the starting point of this trail, you need to drive through SEKI (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP) on the western side of the sierra to an area tucked away called Cedar Grove.  They have a few campgrounds and a lodge that has 21 rooms.  A little general store and snack bar.  From there, it is a short 5.5 mi to the Road’s End Trailhead and the start of the Rae Lakes Loop.



On September 27, 2016 we pack our backpacks and set off on another adventure!

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