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Disclaimer Notice

Confession…..I am a perfectionist.  Surprise, surprise!  About 95% of you are nodding your heads in agreement right now and having a nice chuckle to yourself.  I know… it’s really not earth shattering news to you.  But…I have recently had a breakthrough.

Have you noticed that I have not been writing much lately?  I have not even finished writing about my summer trip and I did another trip recently that I would like to start writing up.  My problem?  I lost my joy to write.  I was too wrapped up in perfectionism.  I was too worried about all my English major friends having heart attacks over my grammar, punctuation, etc.  It took me hours to write a blog post.  Then I would have several people edit it.  I then would rewrite the edits and it would take me weeks to do one post.

This has to stop!  I love writing and sharing my adventures. So, from this day forward, I am done with the perfect post.  If you can’t handle the same word starting a sentence for 3 sentences in a row, lots of run on sentences, commas, bad grammar (I like to use the word funner), then this is your disclaimer to not read my stuff anymore.  I want to write and to share.  I want to be free to share what is flowing from my brain to my fingers.  If is it not perfect, then it will be just like me.  Because I am far from perfect and these adventures are not perfect.  So….from here on out, I’m going to write from the heart and not from the head.  I hope you enjoy and continue to come along on these amazing adventures with me!

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