Hiking with Holly


We have been up in Mammoth for a couple of days acclimating to the elevation.  It is sometimes boring, but we know it is for our best interest to do this.  The condo does not have cable or wifi, but we somehow get Netflix, so we have been watching old seasons of our favorite shows.  We were able to pick up our hiking permit yesterday.  Really bummed there is basically no campfires allowed anywhere, but a few select spots.  I do get it though.  We don’t want forest fires and unfortunately, some people are not responsible with them.

Made it into Yosemite/Tuolumne Meadows today to drop off our second car.  What a nightmare that was.  Lot’s of people going into Yosemite.  The ranger told us to make sure we come back before 9:00 am to enter and we won’t have any issues.  Cordlan is bringing us back on Friday morning, so we will make sure we get up and out early.  We have a long hike that day to Vogelsang, so we won’t want to leave late anyways.   We figured out where to park our car and said our goodbyes to it until Thursday.  Let’s just hope it starts up on Thursday for us.  Always a fear of mine.

Right now, Cordlan and I are sitting in the common room of the condo complex so we can have wifi.  I have made sure our In Reach (satellite device) is in sync and he is making sure he can do his registration tomorrow.  What an inconvenient time to register for classes.   Once he can get that done, we can head out on our trip in the afternoon.  We will begin our hike out of Agnew Meadows and hike as far as we can till we find a good campsite for the night.

Back we go to the condo to get our gear backed and food ready!  I can’t believe the trip is finally here!   Happy Trails!


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